Vet Shortage Task Force

This landing page serves as a hub for research and information about the veterinary shortage as the crisis evolves.

There’s no doubt about it – veterinary professionals play the key role in spay/neuter! For low-cost spay/neuter to exist, there must be a supply of well-trained veterinarians and veterinary technicians ready to support their local organizations and communities. 

Unfortunately, across the country there is an ongoing shortage of such veterinary professionals available. This has led some clinics and practices to cut back on their hours, reduce appointments, and cancel spay/neuter events. Regretfully, the veterinary shortage has even led clinics to shutter their doors forever.

This crisis comes at a pivotal point in our movement. While the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns halted surgeries and closed clinics, too many families were struggling to make ends meet. As the dire need for affordable spay/neuter services rose, the availability of such services began to decline. That trend continues today. 

United Spay Alliance convened the Veterinary Shortage Task Force to better understand the ongoing challenges faced by the veterinary community, and what animal shelters and rescues may do to support veterinary partners, and continue to serve animals. 

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