In collaboration with our state and local partners, United Spay Alliance convenes conferences, webinars, and other educational events to advance the work of spay/neuter professionals and other animal protection advocates.

Although some events are designed exclusively for our network partners, most United Spay Alliance events are free and open to the public.

Upcoming Events

NamaSpay raises awareness and funds for United Spay Alliance

NamaSpay is a new group working to increase awareness about the importance of spay/neuter as the most effective way to help our homeless animal population. Their goal is to make NamaSpay a movement of change, where yoga studios across the country come together to spread the message of helping save animals’ lives by promoting sterilization of dogs and cats.

We’re excited to share that NamaSpay is planning on hosting yoga classes at studios across the country with proceeds benefitting the United Spay Alliance. Check out NamaSpay’s schedule regularly as more and more classes are scheduled, and get ready to get fit while supporting the spay/neuter cause.

Past Events

Spay/Neuter 2017: Mississippi and the South

Jackson, MS

July 2017

This two-day conference was convened through a partnership of Mississippi Spay and Neuter (MS SPAN), Animal Advocacy Initiative of Mississippi (AAIM), and United Spay Alliance. It brought together spay/neuter and animal welfare advocates from around the South, and beyond.

Archived materials include the conference agenda, participant and speaker information, and select presentations and other participant resources.

Transports and Spay/Neuter in the South: Experiences from Tennessee & Virginia


April 2017

This one-hour educational webinar explored the evolving role of transports in protecting animal welfare in the South and featured presenters from Spay Tennessee and Spay Virginia. Moderated by United Spay Alliance.

Archived materials include the webinar summary and speaker bios as well as a recording of the webinar.

United Spay Alliance Retreat

New Orleans, LA

March 2015

This United Spay Alliance retreat brought together spay/neuter leaders nationwide for meetings, workshops, and networking.

Archived materials include the retreat agenda and a set of brief workshop summaries.

Previous spay/neuter retreats have been held at various locations across the country, including Austin, Texas; Jacksonville, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Pendle Hill, Pennsylvania; Chicago, Illinois; and Estes Park, Colorado.