Global Cat Day

October is really a month for cats with Global Cat Day and National Cat Dayand then the reminder of the tie of Black Cats to Halloween.  In the first of two posts, we will review Global Cat Day.

Global Cat Day is celebrated each year in the month of October.  Alley Cat Allies founded the precursor to Global Cat Day, National Feral Cat Day, in 2001.  Then and now, the purpose is to advocate on behalf of feral cats, not just nationally, but on a global scale.

Global Cat Day strengthens and supports humane policies that protects community or feral cats from being taken away from the only home they have ever known, to a more effective and humane treatment.

How to Participate

Go to the Alley Cat Allies site and sign the pledge and share your commitment with others through social media.  There are many things you can do: from holding a cat food drive to hosting a spay/neuter clinic or education seminar.

Thank you for making a commitment for lasting change on a global scale!