Over 100 adoptable kittens and coaches prepare for a gridiron match up for the ages in Hallmark ChannelÍs Kitten Bowl IV. WeÍll take a look back at the Feline Football League season, review the cuddly playoff matchups and get up close and purrsonal with some of the FFLÍs top cat-letes.

That’s right! It’s that time again! You will be able to see Hallmark Channel’s Kitten Bowl V, a feline catstravaganza!

The celebration is on! Feline Football League-Who will be the Champions?

Meet Star, Ginger, Chili and the other contenders from the North Shore Bengals Team and Wyatt, Ollie, and Buttons from the Long Tails. It is sure to be tons of fun!

Coming to your TV at 12pm and 3pm Eastern!

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