Spay/Neuter Spotlight: Spay Panama

Spay/Neuter Spotlight: Spay Panama

Last month, our friends at Spay Panama hosted a truly high-volume clinic, through which over 900 animals were spayed and neutered! 

Similar to the backlog of appointments and various challenges we face here in the United States, access to spay/neuter remains a challenge throughout much of central America. But thanks to the dedication and support of organizations like Spay Panama, and their veterinary teams, they are proving what remarkable feats can be accomplished when you refuse to accept the status quo, and start thinking outside the box!

Here’s what Piera, Board Secretary and Treasurer for Spay Panama, had to say about the campaign:

We are very happy, and feel as though a big difference was made in Chitre after having sterilized 650 cats and 273 dogs. In total, there are 923 pets with owners who can now enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that they will not have unwanted animals and healthier pets.

When we finished with animal #922, we started packing up to drive back to Panama City, but then animal #923 showed up. We could not turn them away, even though much of our equipment was packed. It is very important to the future of that companion animal and their owners that no animal is left behind.

Spay Panama began their work to bring high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter clinics to communities throughout Panama in 2022. Since then, they have spayed/neutered over 300,000 animals – with new milestones being reached each day – and remain a largely volunteer-driven organization. Check out their full 2022 Annual Report here.