Neuter Before Adoption: Good for animals, people, and the community

Neuter Before Adoption: Good for animals, people, and the community
Written by: Brianna Lovell Myers

United Spay Alliance recently issued an official position statement on Neuter Before Adoption policies, which aim to improve outcomes for animals, shelters, and the community by ensuring that all animals are sterilized before they are adopted into forever homes.

“We have seen time and again the positive benefits that spaying and neutering prior to adoption can have for individual animals, as well as for shelters and rescues, and communities as a whole,” said Esther Mechler, founder and president of United Spay Alliance. “From unwanted litters to overcrowded shelters, spaying and neutering animals today prevents animal suffering tomorrow. Spay/neuter is public health for pets.”

On September 27, United Spay Alliance hosted a live panel discussion to better understand Neuter Before Adoption policies, and why they’re more important now than ever before. Panelists included:

  • Dr. Phil Bushby, MS, DACVS – Professor & Marcia Lane Endowed Chair of Humane Ethics and Animal Welfare, Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Peter Marsh – Author & Researcher; Founder, Solutions to Overpopulation of Pets
  • Dr. Jeff Young – Founder, Planned Pethood International; Animal Planet’s Rocky Mountain Vet!

View the recorded session here:

The full position statement is available on the About page here.