Feline Fix by Five: Veterinarians Update Best Practice for Spay Neuter

reprinted with permission by felinefixbyfive.org

This campaign advocates that the age for spaying/neutering cats be reduced to five months or earlier, instead of the commonly accepted six months. This small change would help decrease the risk of mammary gland cancer as well as the risk of unwanted litters by ensuring that these kittens will not have accidental first litters.

“Historically, many cat owners have been puzzled about when cats should be spayed/neutered. Leading veterinary organizations, such as the American Veterinary Medical Association, the American Animal Hospital Association, the Association of Feline Practitioners, and the Association of Shelter Veterinarians are trying to clear up the confusion. Since cats can get pregnant at five months of age, these veterinary associations support spay/neuter of cats prior to five months. Spay/neuter by five months of age prevents the birth of unwanted litters of kittens, thereby reducing relinquishment of kittens to animal shelters.”

~ Phil Bushby, DVM, MS, DACVS, Feline Fix by Five Veterinary Consultant
Marcia Lane Endowed Chair of Humane Ethics and Animal Welfare
College of Veterinary Medicine, Mississippi State College of Veterinary Medicine

“Spay/neuter by five months of age prevents the birth of unwanted litters of kittens.”