It’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month for the month of June.  We are in the middle of kitten season and there are so many kittens in shelters looking for forever homes.

This month, we are focusing on things to keep in mind before you adopt your new fur baby.  As with a newborn, the principles are the same. In this edition, we will address the things you will want to keep in mind BEFORE you bring your new kitten home.  The second part will address what to look for when you are in the shelter.  No doubt, there will be many kittens to choose from.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind as you look for your forever friend.

1.    First, investigate the shelter where you are looking to get your kitten.  Be sure you agree with  and understand its adoption practices as well as their policies.  Go visit the shelter to make sure it is clean and has a welcoming environment.

2.    Second, think about your own schedule and make sure you have time to entertain your new baby and get him acclimated to his new home.  Timing is everything.  If you are planning on having guests in or if it is near a holiday, you may want to wait until the commotion is over.

3.    Kitten proof your space and set aside one room or area just for him.  A designated “safe space” is comforting and reassuring to him as he learns to navigate his surroundings.

4.    If you have not done so already, interview a veterinarian.  Many vets will set up a “get-to-know you” meeting. Your vet will be your partner in raising your new addition.

Once you have done the pre-work necessary to welcome your new kitten, it is time to go to the shelter and adopt your new baby!