Decrease their numbers. Elevate their status. End their homelessness.
Promoting affordable, accessible, and timely spay/neuter services nationwide.

United Spay Alliance Online Conference with the Community Cats Podcast

A virtual convention for anyone who’d like to help make spay/neuter services affordable and accessible in their community!



Spay/Neuter Saves Lives. Period.
Spaying or neutering a cat or dog is one of the most important actions any of us can take to prevent animal suffering, cruelty, and neglect.

United Spay Alliance strives to make affordable, accessible, and timely spay/neuter services available nationwide. We do this by working with a national network of state and local spay/neuter referral organizations, by carrying out research, education, and public outreach initiatives, and by advocating for strong public policy on spay/neuter.