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Ohio Animal Advocates is a 501(c3) organization.

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      Please note: we are still in the process of building out our state landing pages and spay/neuter information. While we are working as fast as we can, we know there may still be gaps in the information available. If you are having trouble finding spay/neuter resources in your community, please reach out to us directly at info@unitedspayalliance.org.

      Still need help? Contact your state leader: 614-493-8383
      or email: info @ ohioanimaladvocates.org

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      Ohio Animal Advocates (OAA) began in 2018 as a small, dedicated group of Ohioans concerned about the unmet needs of Ohio animals. OAA has grown into an organization that addresses statewide and local policy, eight programs including community cats, puppy mills, breed discrimination, adequate shelter, humane education, pet assistance, pet protection, and wildlife protection.

      OAA also provides statewide resource information such as the Ohio S/N Connection and resource lists for low-cost S/N and TNR, pet food pantries, where to report cruelty, safe havens to get animals out of domestic violence, and wildlife rehabbers.

      In 2012, Ohio ranked 45th in the nation for animal welfare protection according to the Animal Legal Defense Funds annual ranking. Over the last decade, Ohio advocates worked to raise that ranking in 2020 to 30th, and with the passing of the nations most comprehensive cross-reporting animal abuse law, to 24th in 2021. OAA continues to improve animal welfare in Ohio

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