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Spay Montana is a 501(c3) organization.
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      Please note: we are still in the process of building out our state landing pages and spay/neuter information. While we are working as fast as we can, we know there may still be gaps in the information available. If you are having trouble finding spay/neuter resources in your community, please reach out to us directly at info@unitedspayalliance.org.

      Still need help? Contact your state leader: (406) 431-4996

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      Spay Montana is a 501(3)c nonprofit corporation registered with the State of Montana, and able to accept charitable contributions.

      Our mission is “to continue to address the tragic consequences of companion animal overpopulation by focusing on high quality large volume, no cost, low cost community based spay neuter clinics”

      A portion of our funding is through grants. The remainder is through corporate and private sponsorships. Please take the time to thank our sponsors for supporting the effort to solve animal overpopulation in our state.

      If you would like to become part of a winning team and contribute, no matter how large or small each donation will assist us to spay and neuter those animals most in need. You can donate via PayPal here, or you can mail your tax deductible donation to Spay Montana, PO Box 938, Butte MT 59703. Our tax id # is 80-0165195.

      Every Donation Counts