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Spay Alabama is a 501(c3) organization.

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      Please note: we are still in the process of building out our state landing pages and spay/neuter information. While we are working as fast as we can, we know there may still be gaps in the information available. If you are having trouble finding spay/neuter resources in your community, please reach out to us directly at info@unitedspayalliance.org.

      Still need help? Contact your state leader at 205-243-9946 (text preferred)
      or email: peggycropp @ me.com

      About your state leader

      Peggy McCorkle Cropp

      I began this journey in 2007 by volunteering and then working at the Alabama Spay and Neuter Clinic. I was fascinated with the whole process and knew that I had found my calling.
      In 2010, I began volunteering with Friends of Cats and Dogs Foundation, another non-profit that assists the public with low cost spaying and neutering assistance by selling or providing certificates.

      We have no facility nor paid staff and 98% of our donated funds go directly towards spay/neuter efforts. The other 2% is spent on certificates, envelopes, and postage and we have assisted with approximately 55,000 surgeries since 1991.

      I learned a long time ago that kindness wins when working with the public who often don’t understand the process, can’t afford it, or don’t even know what spay and/or neuter means. Those are the people that we want to connect with because education is key, especially in Alabama.

      Every Donation Counts