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USA: Networking Retreats

Our retreats are one of the best peer-to-peer networking and learning tools that United Spay Alliance provides. Many friendships and lifelong relationships have been forged from these retreats. Every year, we come together for three days of intense workshops, brainstorming and networking. When we leave, we emerge rejuvenated with new ideas and rekindled passion, knowing that we are not in this alone.

As our organization has grown, continues to evolve and applies your vital input, we are looking at more effective ways to communicate, share, mentor and build long-lasting relationships in the network. Therefore, we will be conducting:

  • Once a year, Regional State Retreats to continue nurturing and building those valuable relationships.
  • Every three years, a National Summit to convene all our state programs.

Why the name change from Retreat to Summit?

A summit is defined as “a gathering of the highest level of leaders and experts in a field.”
And without doubt, United Spay Alliance prides itself on being partnered with experts in the field of everything spay/neuter. Our people are on the ground in every state working on every aspect of spay/neuter including: education, marketing, development, voucher programs, spay/neuter clinics, advocacy and navigating the development of state and county subsidy programs.

“Attending the USA retreat in New Orleans continues to be the best investment that Mississippi Spay and Neuter can make in its overall goal to make spay and neuter a household word in Mississippi. Every year, I learn something new from other state leaders that enhances the effectiveness of our core program (spay and neuter) and fundraising projects.By sharing our knowledge, we (Mississippi) can become another state wide model for new state leaders to choose aspects from that may work in their respective states. Although small, Mississippi Spay and Neuter will continue to be a progressive force in the animal welfare movement as long as we continue to cultivate relationships with other state leaders so that together we can find the answer(s) on how to change the attitudes of irresponsible pet owners towards spay and neuter.

Our strength and perseverance will come from the networking power of a small group of dedicated state leaders whose collective wisdom will ensure that spay and neuter is in the forefront of the animal welfare movement.”
Elaine Adair
MS SPAN/Big Fix Clinic