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United Spay Alliance Changemakers - United Spay Alliance


Changemakers is a series of stories on our Web site that celebrates the work, progress, innovation, and dedication of leaders and programs in the United Spay Alliance coalition. These hardworking professionals and volunteers in vital programs are on the front lines, making a major positive impact for the protection, heath, and well-being of animals. They are advancing accessible and affordable spay/neuter in communities across the United States, to curb pet homelessness from overpopulation and to prevent millions of kittens and puppies from being born. These innocent animals would otherwise end up being dumped on the streets or in the woods, abused, exploited, or killedcat dog sleeping pals in many shelters that cannot care for the overflow of unhomed, unwanted animals that enter their doors.

Each of our featured organizations shares the mission to end euthanasia of cats and dogs by directly providing or referring quality spay/neuter services and by engaging in public outreach, humane education, and creative community partnerships. They each have unique stories about successes and challenges in spay/neuter and on reducing overpopulation of companion animals. They share problems and solutions with their United Spay Alliance colleagues to help further the latest ideas and protocols that not only save lives, but also improve quality of life for companion animals and those who love them.

We hope you will be inspired by the heartfelt and important stories of these remarkable people and programs in the USA network. They have taken on the mantle to help animals, the most vulnerable beings in our society. By doing so, they create positive change and opportunities for us to deepen the animal-human bond and to expand our compassion for a more peaceful world. Please encourage and support these programs in any way you can!

  1. Elaine Adair and Mississippi Spay and Neuter – “The Big Fix”
  2. Amber Sitko and All About Animals Rescue (Spay Michigan)
  3. Sonia Hernandez and ADLA / Spay Neuter Hotline (Arizona)
  4. Susan Hall and Spay Maine